Dan Taylor

We strive to make better decisions. We rely on past experience, common sense, strategic frameworks and data – I’m fascinated by the processes and methodologies, and ensure data drives an understanding of the challenge, and works hand in hand with all methods.

Originating from the United Kingdom Dan started life on the back of a marketing and statistics degree in Publishing, where he focused on creating brand campaigns and opportunities within the magazine industry.

Realising his aptitude for utilising and manipulating data to achieve the best outcomes and develop strategy he moved into digital where that talent was far more aligned with the industry.

Since then Dan has 15 years’ experience within digital, encompassing campaign and brand strategy, and now has a strong focus on data science principles to drive his work – it is within this area where Dan has been recognised as a thought leader, and teaches digital analytics courses for ADMA (association for data driven marketing and advertising).

Dan is an effective communicator and regardless of the complexity of the data or frameworks used to drive positive change, he ensures all stakeholders understand the methodologies and principles, meaning projects progress with a shared understanding of the rationale, insights and driving data.

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