Stuart Hood

Technology enables brands and agencies to be innovative and relevant towards customers. However, we need to maintain a level of practicality in what we do or technology will do the thinking for us. It’s this human driven integration with technology that allows us to make great moments in history.

Stu has worked across the Deepend Group as a senior consultant. He joined the team full time to bring strategic thinking across the Group and to further bolster the strategic bench-strength, drive integrated digital, paid / social product and service development.

With a career spanning 15 years in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Stu has settled in Sydney after working for McDonald’s UK and Shell Global in-house. He has also held a number of senior strategic consulting roles, agency side, including Razorfish, One Green Bean, The Monkey’s, CX Lavender and RGA.

Stu transforms intricate problems into single minded opportunities that inspire creative thinking to help clients focus on the task at hand - without the complexity.

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