Insourced Teams

Every business can always benefit from an extra set of hands. With arms-reach access to some of the country’s best talent we are able to mobilise teams to work within your business at short notice.

Insourced Teams


We have the ability to rapidly mobilise a lean, dedicated team to solve any critical business problem you might have. Whether it’s to bolster an existing team who are struggling to reach a deadline, or an expansion of in-house capability to rapidly prototype and output a proof of concept, we are able to hand select the right staff to ensure the most cost effective and focussed team is formed. 

These teams can be as large or as small as required, typically consisting of a combination of Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Technical Specialists and Producers. They can form both a core means of initial engagement with Deepend Group, or brought into existing client relationships to serve a specific and focussed client need. 

We are happy to operate both in-house, or as a dedicated multi-functional unit out of our own studio facilities. This is more a question of the speed and agility with which work is required and capacity on premise with our Clients. 

We have undertaken such engagements for many key clients, including: