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We offer the leaders of organisations new and exciting ways to unlock the potential of their businesses. We use strategic design practices that deliver value through speed and agility.

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We believe in a strategic enterprise design approach to solving the most complex business problems. We run multidisciplinary teams threading cross-siloed projects within the business to create the most impact.

We utilise the Enterprise Design Framework © 2015 eda.c., a strategic framework that helps organisations realise the extraordinary contribution ‘design thinking’ has to business success, aligning and linking relevant conceptual and tactical domains in practise. It provides a structured approach for organisations of all sizes to bridge strategic intent with tangible results.

Our Approach: Enterprise Design Framework

The Enterprise Design Framework is comprised of a number of proprietary tools, methods and canvases based on 20 interrelated 'aspects' relevant to strategic design work. They bring together different levels of thinking with conceptual and applied elements of the design process to ensure complex problems are analysed and solved with deep, cross-functional integration.

Enterprise Design Approach

These aspects are then brought to account through a seven phased strategic design approach starting with stakeholder alignment (Engage) and concluding with post launch communications and change management activities (Deliver).

Casting An Enterprise
Design Team

The range and relevant aspects to be addressed in a project, program or other initiative varies widely, depending on the on the individual situation and environment of a design challenge. We believe strongly in cross disciplinary teamwork, enabled by a close collaboration of bright minds from different fields.

At Deepend Group, we combine leaders from across the business, partnered with subject matter and industry experts to tackle the most challenging business critical problems first.

Our Leadership

We combine leaders from across the Group, partnered with subject matter and industry experts to tacklethe most challenging business critical problems.