Sustainable Social Impact

Come together to make a change

We Specialise in Creative Technology strategy and production, Product Development, Mobile Applications, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Emerging Technology Prototyping

At Nomad, we’re inspired by opportunities to make things better through design and technology. As a creative technology company, we’re a group of designers, makers and thinkers with a focus on people, connected devices and emerging technologies. We pioneer positive change through Product Design, using Design Thinking to explore, design and develop innovative digital products that people love to use.

Our offering extends beyond the traditional digital of desktop and mobile. We’ve developed connected cooking appliances and rally cars, virtual reality rainforests and restaurants. We’ve built social change engines for personal discovery and consulted to government and market leaders for innovation and creation.

Our team love working in Nomad because we’re innovators with a proven process and have the resources to make powerful ideas a reality. We work with great clients and exciting products, we share our knowledge and enjoy learning from each other. We’re passionate about our work but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We're a little bit awesome and a lot clever. We’re creative technology, delivered.

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