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Lara Dolz

Senior Consultant
True innovation comes when you look beyond your own field and connect the dots between disparate sources of inspiration, put genuine human insight at the heart of the process, embrace the unknown and remain positive in the face of ambiguity.

Lara has over 10 years’ experience in innovation and service design, having worked across a diverse raft of projects spanning product, service, customer experience, business model innovation and capability development in multiple sectors.

With a passion for projects that enact lasting change and transform the internal capabilities of her client partners, Lara has spearheaded the development of new business models from discovery through to design and launch, as well as leading the design and execution of a business-wide Innovation Accelerator programmes.

She has a ferocious appetite for knowledge and brings this mentality to both her clients and internal teams; leading our ‘Pulse’ trends-watch, as well as being a critical driver of our research programme into innovation mindsets and innovation frameworks.

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