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Matt Whale

Lead Consultant
Successful innovation cannot happen without the right mix of a human-centred process, disruptive ideas landed in the real world and the innovation mindsets that fuel genuine design thinking. Bring all of those together, and you get innovation with impact.

Matt is a leader of innovation strategy, insight and delivery, with a long career in creative thinking, cross-functional project leadership and coaching. He is passionate speaker about the marriage of innovation mindsets and process in driving innovation effectiveness.

With a career that spans chartered accountancy, PR, brand strategy and design (and even brief periods as a shoe-shop manager and stand-up), Matt followed his left-brain:right-brain intuition to innovation consultancy 12 years ago as a director at WhatIf Innovation, before setting up How To Impact in 2008. He has since helped unlock over 200 diverse innovation challenges.

He has delivered solutions in business model innovation, customer engagement platforms, channel, service, customer experience and product innovation in Australian and Europe for a number of multi-national clients and partners.

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