Hamilton Island


The Challenge

Hamilton Island's outdated digital platforms were casting them direct sales. The site, which staff found cumbersome to maintain, was even more difficult for customers to use and resulted in low conversion and hence reduced revenue. We were engaged to develop a more robust solution that could be centrally managed and include a range of new features, including a vastly improved booking process in order to maximize conversions and revenue opportunities.

The Solution

User Experience

Ultimately, we want to create a seamless experience for the user, across all devices and across all stages of their travels. Extensive research of digital travel industry sites and eCommerce platforms identified the different user needs and behaviors in different stages of the purchasing process. To engage users we developed strategic and tailored content as well as interactivity around different stages in the consumers' path to purchase.


Content Publishing

Housing all content in a centralized inventory, allows Hamilton Island to create core content objects once, and then re-use them across a range of digital channels, from websites to on-island facilities, such as restaurant and activity booking systems.


The site is mobile device responsive to ensure customers can plan on any device and interact with the social features on-the-go or on the island. The data feeds from the inventory also serve to power the mobile app which can be used as an on-island guide. The mobile first approach helped establish a clear content hierarchy in collaboration with the client, the limited real estate forcing us to make decisions about key messaging and content.



The option to favourite destinations, accommodations and other allows users to return to the site and make enquiries. The feature acts as an incentive for consumers to return, spend more time discovering content on site and make bookings.

Social Feeds

From twitter to Instagram, the site feeds help inspire others while creating a direct communication channel between the island and its visitors


The Result

Average value of purchases have increased by >14%. Abandonment rate of bookings has decreased by 8%. Since launch, revenue increased by over 150% on site. We had over 150,000 users in the first 3 weeks with return visitors increasing by 4% with time on site now at an average of 5 minutes per session.


Conversion increase


Increase in purchase value

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